About us

Nalyvkarnya is a new format of the old city.

The first in Lviv, Nalyvkarnya is a paradise for those who like tinctures (infusions, beverages), liqueurs, cocktails and mixes on their basis. In our menu, 30 (!) types of tinctures (infusions) for all tastes: sweet, sour, tart, and light. A variety of their combination in the shots, classical cocktails, longs and author's mixes.

First of all, "Nalyvkarnya" is a bar, so the choice of dishes is restrained. The emphasis is on appetizers for tinctures: various variations of "platos" (cheese, fruit, vegetable, meat). Do not miss the opportunity to taste Set of sausages with a flame. It's really delicious! There is also salad, baked potatoes, as well as cheesy fondue in the menu. And as without desserts! Especially recommended to try chocolate ice cream with chocolate crumble mmm ....

The bar is located in the Neo-Renaissance building of the 17th century. The framing of doors and windows is attributed to the famous Italian architect who worked in Lviv - Ambrose Pryhilny.

The bar has two halls: the first - with high tables and chairs, and the second - with soft sofas near the bar. Terracotta walls and warm lighting create a cozy atmosphere. You will surely find an unusual ceiling framing in the first room - 399 empty bottles, which change color depending on the lighting.

In the summer, we have a terrace. The lack of success of the central streets is perfectly observed by drinking something delicious.

For the first time in Lviv - carrying out blind tastings! Ask the bartender for details.



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Lviv, 37 Brativ Rohatyntsiv St. (entrance from Staroevreyska Str)





Hours of work

Mon-Thu from 03:00 p.m., Fri-Sun from 01:00 p.m. till the last guest leaves

* Write to us and our manager will contact you shortly