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Park. Art of Rest - a splendid place to have a rest in a city park zone!

Some minutes away from the center of Lviv and you find yourself in the atmosphere of calmness, beauty, art and refined taste. In this ocean of freshness and space, in the middle of fast moving and bustling city, you get into a wonderful world of Park. Art of Rest restaurant.

Park. Art of Rest is the entertainment complex that is open7 days a week having a «party place» a big outdoor dining area with the magnificent view overlooking green oasis of the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Central Culture and Recreation Park. 

Entertainment complex Park is a territory of bright moments of your life!


Two exquisite halls, designed for 500 seats, and interior solutions will allow you to find a cozy corner for both couples in love and for a big loud company.     

The organization of the birthday or noisy wedding will be carried out by our team on the highest level! Numerous balconies open you an incredible hospitable Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Central Culture and Recreation Park.

From 12.00 a. m. to 11.00 p. m. a slow paced atmosphere of entertainment complex is waiting for you and we are sure that this is an ideal place to spend time with a significant other or friends, have a pleasant lunch or dinner, an important meeting or a corporate party! Two halls have over 400 seats and are completely technically equipped.

 For the nightlife fans starting with 11.00 p. m. to 06.00 a.m., there is a «party place» a place for pleasing encounters and unconstrained atmosphere in the circle of significant others and friends. We strive for astonishment, we want to surprise everybody who values multi-aspect recreation, haute cuisine, and worthy service, we want to become your best friends to create bright memories together! 

For movie supporters are operating Cinema Park.

VIP hall is available for you – is a territory only for your feast! In a cozy VIP-hall, you may have a private banquet, a business meeting, a romantic dinner by candlelight or a private party. Being admired with an atmosphere of the hall and service you will certainly want to come here again! For our visitors, we provide the best conditions. Come and see it for yourself that every visitor is special for us.

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Entertainment complex in the park area of the city  


Lviv, st. Vitovsky, 43 A


+38 (067) 008 22 22



Hours of work

12:00 a.m. – 06:00 a.m.

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