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"Panska Charka" Convivial Restaurant, a resting-place for men, is located in the very center of Lviv, close to defensive walls. Here you will always meet a free-and-easy group of friends, who have the opportunity to talk sitting at a big table. The original Lviv liqueurs produced based on natural ingredients and herbs according to the old and traditional recipes strengthen positive emotions. Over 30 different liqueurs will not only supplement any Ukrainian, author’s and European cuisine of the restaurant, but they also possess healing qualities that will reflect a real colouring of Lviv region, and of course, are a wonderful souvenir brought from Lviv. A menu in "Panska Charka" also includes the game. Dishes from this special menu are prepared from based on wild boar meat especially bred for the guests of "Panska Charka" Convivial Restaurant in the natural environment of "Zubr" farm, which is located in Lviv region. Liqueurs tasting, dishes for a group, watching of sports competitions, traditional national celebrations are for a group of up to 120 people, - all this is possible with us!


The restaurant seats up to 150 guests. These are two separate halls for 50 and 20 seats, a VIP-room and outdoor terrace for 14 and 70 seats respectively. It is enough for a company party, a wedding or a banquet with an arrangement of a general and separate tables and dancing floor. The restaurant has a necessary set of sound and multimedia equipment for performances and broadcasting of video programs.


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Convivial restaurant


Lviv, str. Vynnychenko, 3


+38 (032) 235 53 91
+38 (097) 205 48 41



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11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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