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Charcoal Baked Dishes! Meat eaters, vegetarians, and other hearty eaters will gladly evaluate our menu! Josper is a closed Spanish charcoal stoked oven, which retains the advantage of a living fire. Josper technology is a unique combination of a traditional grill and an oven.An important advantage of Josper oven is a high temperature (500°C) inside the oven. The heat is evenly distributed and maintained for a long time, which allows cooking a dish in as short a time as possible, preserving an inimitable taste, vitamin and mineral content of the products. After being cooked in Josper, meat and fish acquire a fantastic taste. 


Our establishment can seat a group of 32 people, and, of course, we can arrange drinks reception for more people. It's definitely great for birthday parties, banquets, and small company parties.This establishment is also suitable for convivial watching of sports and other events. Our summer terrace has 48 seats.


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Lviv, Kostyushka street, 6


вул. Костюшка, 6 +38 (097) 461 98 87



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11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

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