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"Honest Meat" is the only one restaurant in Lviv and Lviv region, that offers a unique selection of meat Mangalica that contains easily digestible iron, substances that prevent the formation of cholesterol, more unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, has anti-cancer properties! Mangalica is a Hungarian breed of wild pig grown on our own hunting grounds, which lives in ecologically clean natural environment and fed exclusively with natural plant food. Due to this, meat is a dietary and contains much less cholesterol.  If you are a supporter of healthy diet, we recommend you to try the meat of Mangalica, no harmful additives, chemicals, stimulants and growth hormones. Therefore, this meat is considered environmentally friendly and useful product. Mangalica meat is considered a delicacy and is very much appreciated among gourmets. Dishes of Mangalica - naturalness in the first place! In our restaurant we use only the meat of young cattle weighing 60-80 kg, the only way the dishes are perfect in taste and keep their healthy properties. Our restaurant boasts of dishes prepared by a unique technology of Josper! Josper oven (josper, an indoor grill, grill barbecue) is ideal for preparing delicious , juicy dishes that retain their taste! Hosper – the only one in the kitchen of a modern restaurant solution that allows you to take advantage of the grill and the oven. As fuel in the ovens Josper used pure charcoal or pure coal of plant origin. Due to the design Josper meat, fish, vegetables are extremely tasty and fragrant, to the same time of cooking in the Josper will surprise You, it's really fast ! In Josper steak in a natural way itself with a crust, and all the moisture left in the meat.
Creating this meat restaurant, we decided not to invent any legends or different shows, not to expurgate and, of course, not to hide anything, just to take your fancy. We want to be honest with you because you are our guests. Honest meat because it is a clean meat, honest meat because it is always fresh and contains no preservatives. Honest, because it was bred on our own farm. Honest meat because it is real meat!

"House 28"

The building where the restaurant is located is a monument of national importance. Hepnerivska stone house (kamianytsia) or a Doctors’ house, as it is usually called, because it is said that the building once belonged to doctors and pharmacists, and correspondingly has many stories and legends.  You must have heard at least one of them. For example, about Pidkova. It is said that there he had spent his last night before his execution. Besides, it is said that he loved women and real good meat :)

Jan Kuczynski, the President of Lviv (now called a mayor) was one of the last owners of the building.

At his time, during the reconstruction of the neighboring building (house 25), masters dug down to the Mr. President's cellar, which caused a great scandal in the city.

This is one of the most valuable stone houses on the Rynok Square. The house is over 400 years old, and the foundation on which the previous house stood is more than 500 years old. It almost has not changed since the beginning of the 16th century. Because of a big amount of inscriptions minted in the stone on the facade and interior of the house it is often called "a stone house with aphorisms." All the inscriptions, exhibited in the halls of the restaurant are the original ones and were uncovered during the archaeological excavations of the cellars.



Restaurant on the market "Honest meat" carries out activities different formats: corporate parties, presentations, banquets, receptions. The restaurant is located on two levels and can comfortably accommodate guests in each room, hall lanterns to 50 people, hall "12" - 12 people, a stone hall for 25 persons.


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Restaurant on the Market Square


Lviv, Rynok Square, 28


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